What is your Learning Management resolution for 2013?

If there was ever a market ripe for disruption it would be the learning management market.  While I don’t have any stats- anecdotally speaking, so many organizations and universities are fed up with the major players the field is wide open for new entrants.  Many of the prospects we speak to who are currently shopping are simply not impressed with the current crop of LMSs out there, or find the costs too big a burden to bear. 

Never fear training managers.  A new year is among us, and with it come new players and bigger and more efficient technologies.  One player who I will be tracking and whose product is still in “beta” is Pearson’s OpenClass™.

Pearson has a well-articulated vision of learning, and is enticing institutions of higher learning with their favorite price.  It’ll be interesting to see this platform compete with some of the more established players in the market, as well as how it will overcome the resistance of many IT shops.

Do you have a Learning Management resolution for 2013?  If so, do share.  I’d love to hear it.