Collabor8 Learning partners with your organization to become an extension of your team. We work with training teams and organizations that may or may not have instructional designers already, and extend their capabilities with our talented team of e-learning experts. Leverage our expertise to complete your e-learning project regardless of the authoring tool, learning management system, or other resources you have in place.


Training leaders

Chief Learning Officers, Training Directors and Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver skill development opportunities to their employee populations. Many times, these same leaders have had their resources cut and must show results or risk themselves being a part of the next organizational haircut. Collabor8 Learning can support your efforts to upskill our workforce better, faster, and in many cases more cost effectively than you could build in-house.


Are you an HR Leader with limited training resources, but need to upskill your workforce? Is your CEO pushing you to provide greater access to training opportunities, or show a better return on training dollars spent? Partner with us and let us be your outsourced expert learning & development arm. We can build and/ or deliver your training courses without the need for you to add additional full-time resources to your organization. 

subject-matter experts

Are you an expert in you field looking to turn your knowledge into an online training curriculum? You're in luck! We have demonstrable expertise in helping you whether its your first foray into online learning, or you've tried it before but weren't happy with the results. We succeed because your training program must develop the knowledge, skills, or abilities of your learners and that is our competitive advantage.