"Alex and his team worked with us at Nicklaus Children's Hospital to create just in time online learning solutions. Since we were hiring more employees outside of our main campus location, we needed a solution for New Hire Orientation which incorporates several components of compliance training as well as a just in time component. 

Alex and his team created an interactive and fun online solution. The solution met all of our compliance requirements, in addition to being fun, creative and interactive! 

The training product was excellent. It went off so well that we we hired Alex and his team for another online learning solution; this time for all of our new leaders. Alex and his team once again came through with a wonderful product. Our new leader orientation is now a perfect just in time introduction to MCHS operations for all new leaders. I highly recommend Alex & his team for online learning solutions. "

-Rula Sater
Coach & Manager, Organizational Development & Training
Nicklaus Children's Hospital

"Alex and his partner Steve are expert instructional designers and business professionals with deep knowledge and expertise both in project planning/management and designing engaging e-learning that leads to desired performance outcomes. Also among their strengths are costing projects accurately, working with different kinds of subject matter experts, and supporting SME team members. I worked with them over a period of 3 years on a very large e-learning project. I recommend them very highly and would welcome the chance to work with them again."


-Mary Haley
Assistant Director, Educational Technology Services/MTS
Florida International University

CodeSmart University

CodeSmart University

Miami Dade College
The college received a grant to build an online curriculum of English as a Second Language courses primarily for the retail sector. Lacking internal bandwidth from their in-house design team to design the curriculum, MDC turned to Collabor8 Learning for help. The project was completed and installed on the clients Cornerstone LMS platform on-time, on-budget, and more importantly- to the delight of the PM, subject-matter experts, and all of the teachers involved in supplying us with their material for the courses.

"We have come a long way with the project and the result is outstanding. Your professionalism and quality is evident. I look forward to continuing our collaboration in future projects!"

-Luis Manuel Rodriguez, Ed.D.
Program Director
Miami Dade College


The Ritter Academy is the brainchild of Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.. If you enter “digital information expert” into Google, his name appears first.  No surprise there—he specializes in knowing how and why people trust digital information.  The Academy is the realization of his vision for how to both build trust and transform how professionals integrate ongoing learning and knowledge acquisition into their work. As the founder and CEO, he authors, co-authors and approves all of the content of every course published by the Academy. 

We collaborated with effrey to bring his vision of using mind maps to teach e-discovery processes and proper procedures to the legal field.  

"You guys rock!!!"  (Testimonial edited for appropriateness.)

-Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
The Ritter Academy

BrightSky is a total diabetes solutions provider for people living with diabetes, health care professionals and health plans.  The company was embarking on an initiative to deliver a series of webinars led by a nutritionist to teach patients diagnosed with diabetes how to recognize the different types of carbohydrates in their daily meals.  They held several pilot webinars using a standard PowerPoint file, and received feedback from participants that the material was "flat" and did not provide for much interactivity with the host.  Once again, collaborating with their team- we were able to build a learning asset for them that offered the host more flexibility in the delivery, and was way more interactive than what they were using.  Click here to see a sample from this project.

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