Are you designing instruction for glass surfaces yet? If not, you will be soon.

Just read another wonderful piece over at The Total Learner Experience and while I don’t necessarily agree with all of their points- I do reckon mobile learning is poised to make big inroads into our instructional design efforts.  One of my few gripes with the piece is the notion that―

“The way you conceptualize content experiences now should be mobile-first, rather than PC first. The PC era is behind us.”

A learner accessing a course on an iPhone.
A learner accessing a course on an iPhone.

While I believe the decline of the PC as our primary computing hub is certainly on the decline, I believe it will take some time for the PC’s demise.  That said, in talking to my clients we always bring up the ability to go mobile with their training efforts and quite frankly many of them are still quite skeptical and/ or simply not ready to venture down this path. 

I’d love to hear from other designers if they get the same push back as we get.  Are your clients venturing down the mobile-learning road?  What are your thoughts on this issue?

Alex Santos

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