5 MORE reasons your organization should own a private-label social network

6. Protect company communications… Loose lips sink ships; loose email means loss of control.  Allowing sensitive documents to be easily emailed outside the organization may knowingly or unknowing grant outsider’s access to your proprietary information. 7. They already use social networks… Implementation of most new systems requires a large learning curve.  Chances are your organization’s employees are already using a social network to connect and communicate personally.  This experience translates to quick adoption and a faster ROI.

8. They’re engaging… HR has tried for years to artificially make connections among its employees through BBQs, socials and retreats.  A private label social network allows greater sharing of professional experience, papers written, questions asked and answered and blogs posted. Fostering connections that translate into productivity.

9. A major shift is occurring… The training industry is moving away from “pushing” content to having learners “pull” the content they need to perform when they need it, where they need it, and on whatever device they want to consume it.  Is your HR, Training, IT, Sales and Marketing… department ready for this shift?

10. Innovation and idea incubation… Maximize the collective brain power of your organization by creating a place for collaboration.  A private-label social network allows people to contribute to those they have never met.  While user profiles allow context and background to these comments and the ease of communication will bring new and exciting ideas to fruition faster and cheaper.

Social Networks are here to stay. Your people have already begun abandoning email as a preferred means of communication, isn’t it time you leverage this technology for more than just marketing?  It’s a quicker, easier and faster way to share ideas and information.